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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  December 13, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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shopping. becky worley, abc news, oakland, california. >> i want those gloves. that's what's mak police raid the occupy baltimore camp. a fire reigniting before midnight. what you missed while you were sleeping new details coming up next. the controversial reality show has some folks crying foul afa advertiser pulls -- after an advertiser pulls the plug. >> i'm charley crowson. we've got a lot to get to. especially downtown baltimore as we speak. we start with meteorologist, justin berk. >> good morning. we've got a quiet weather day.
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i get to go back in time. people are watching. let's .0zuput this up, summit ridge, we put this time lapse, a snapshot of every five minutes. that's a raven. we are trying to get confirmation. we got the look of the high thin cloud that blew through the overnight. we are starting off with a mostly clear sky. we start off at 28 right now twt twin ridge, mount airy christian academy. 25 in baltimore. 19 york pa. mid-20s to 30s on the eastern shore. sunshine, 47 by lunchtime. warmer than all day yesterday, we will push high temperature of 52. it's 4:31. let's check on the traffic. everybody is up and out there. >> reporter: as you mentioned a quiet weather day. so far, so good out there, with
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our overnight work zones and road maintenance, we are looking good as we get our first live look, u.s. 29 at maryland 108, no early trouble spots to report. there first look at the baltimore beltway in catonsville, loops of of 695, i- 9 a and 83. occupy baltimore is flooded with police cars. streets are blocked off. we are gathering information this morning. this has been going on for an hour. kuren redmond joins us live from downtown baltimore with the latest on what is going on. >> reporter: this happened before 3:00 a.m. this morning , the occupy baltimore protesters set up camp, makeshift camp for two months. the city has been patient with them, but their time is up. all the way down there, police are in riot gear down here. you can see that there is still
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a lot of police activity. everything has been peaceful. a few of the protesters moved out and walking about. we were trying to grab some this morning to see what went on this morning. police say as you recall, the entire occupy movement spread across several cities. their purpose has been to call attention to incoming equality between the wealthy and poor. the city has been patient with the occupy protesters letting them camp out for two months. recently their request for a permit extension was denied and several incidents we know have taken place over the last two months for example a stabbing last week and the city cut off electricity. they stayed down here. this morning looks like their time is up. police moved in. they have pratt street blocked off down here. also there is a helicopter
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flying above us to ensure everyone will move out peacefully. not sure where the protesters will go. they've been here for two months. police are conducting a raid. we have not been able to get a statement but they will gather something for us today, possibly in the form of a statement to let us know what went on this morning. they are calling this official police business. we will follow the story all morning long. it happened an hour ago. we are follow this and bring you the latest updates as police move in on the protesters here at the inner harbor. kuren redmond, abc2 news. . former penn state assistant football coach, jerry sandusky will appear in court in bell font, p pa. he faces 40 charges of rape,
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molestation in a child sex abuse scandal that involves 8 victims. he will face the victims this morning. a haiing, the prosecutors must convince a judge there is enough evidence to go to trial. sandusky says he is innocent. it's a snowball effect following penn state. more accusations continue surfacing, at the aau in memphis, tennessee. two accusers say former aau president robert dodd abused them in the 80s. we talked to a local adult therapist who says penn state maybe a platform for victims to find their voices. >> its bravery and courage of people to come forward. >> dodd denied allegations when confronted by officials. he left the organization in november and police are investigating. the victims may learn to understand how the abuse has
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impacted their lives. new details in to a fire that broke out monday night. it happened around 6:45, after 11:00 last night , the fire lit up again. crews got it under control. this is new video from the original scene. the family pet didn't make it out. the rest of the family was not home. neighbors heard an explosion. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. continuing coverage of two flash mobs that went viral. it's time to prevent the next one with tougher punishment. both were in montgomery county and the first in august, the second last month. dozens of teens and young people walk in to a convenient store, taking items off of the shelves and leaving. you've seen this video before.
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>> the problem under current law is that you are only able to charge each person with what they took. this is a group crime. it's a mob theft. >> the delegate will introduce the bill in the legislative session allowing authorities to total up everything stolen by the flash mob and charge each individual who is caught video. a daring robbery on the campus of towson university. a man walked in to the pnc bank demanding money and continued his day on campus. this happened around 10:30. the campus knew within ten minutes. the suspect was found after a foot chase he was caught, now facing bank robbery charges. could a dinner date be in the works for a unlikely pair? the conversation now between the governor and lady gaga, what was said and what they discovered they have in common. the plan that could save 6 centers, what is it going to cost the city?
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we will look when good morning maryland continues.
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welcome back on this tuesday morning. the tweet heard all over the state. o'malley inviting pop star lady gaga to dinner. she is known for a strong stance against bullying. the governor thanked lady gaga and said he and his wife would like to have didn't tore discuss eliminating bullying in maryland. this fall, our fist lady, o'malley and the governor were raising awareness through a speak up to stop bullying pledge. >> lady gaga is also out there and an advocate against bullying. we will see if we get a response. >> the first lady made it a top
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initiative. lady ga tba has yet to respond to the in -- gaga has yet to respond to the invitation. >> if it was business casual, how would she dress? >> what does casual mean anyway? roast beef? we've got milder stuff by the bay. this is one of those interesting mornings where we have a huge spread of temperatures. manchester, clear skies, light winds and warm air starts to rise up to the higher terrain. they are at 34 degrees. frederick, value valley, they are at 20. it maybe a half hour's drive, it's 24 in bel air, 23 degrees across the bay to chestertown. clear skies, abundant across maryland. let's pull this back wider, we've got the influence of rain across the midwest.
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those starting to spread clouds in from the west. we will have a mix of high clouds. widespread of 20s this morning. we will make our way to 47 by lunchtime. warmer than yesterday. 52 should do it. we are at 4:42 right now. a long ways to go to sunrise. how about the traffic? here is angela. >> as we check out traffic, one trouble spot, kuren redmond is downtown. we've got police activity down there and light street at pratt street, the intersection temporarily closed. we will keep you posted. let's check our drive on i-95, maryland 32, moving well in the northbound and southbound direction. as we check the drive coming in from bel air, it's smooth for you already. 95 here, just north of maryland 43. we are trouble free on the harrisburg expressway. past middletown road, through
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the cockeysville region. follow us on twitter at maryland traffic. back to charlie. there could be hope for the rec centers in jeopardy shutdown. a plan to turn over the centers could be getting a thumbs up. it would involve six of the rec centers. $200,000 paid by the city to groups to run the centers. board of estimates to vote wednesday morning. a shooting left two students in critical condition. what they were doing when it happened. plus from dating history, you can see charlie sheen likes younger women. find out what thousands of teens got and how they got his phone numbers. . occupy protests being broken up as we speak. police went in at 3:20 this morning, more details as we continue.
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five things you need to know, president barack obama verified troops will be headed home from iraq by december 31st. the president made the announcement alongside the iraqi prime minister. they are leaving the country, quote with honor and heads held high. vote on payroll tax cut essex pected to pass. -- expected to pass. today at noon, major stephanie rawlings blake and alonzo and members of the ravens will join students for the holiday luncheon at the cecil elementary school. a group of ravens will join the cheerleaders and poe at union memorial visiting patients unable to go home for the holidays.
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thousands of preteen girls got access to charlie sheen's phone number. sheen was trying to send a message and tweeted digits to 5 million of bieber's twitter followers. a giant retailer made a controversial move. what prompted a move and what is said about it? sherrie johnson joins us live in the interactive news center with what this could mean. >> reporter: lowes home improvement hit a nerve when the company decided to pull its ad from all american muslim. it's set in dearborn michigan and follows families and gives an inside look in to their lives, conservative group called florida family association launched a campaign against the show with claims that the show has an islamic
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agenda. the muslims appear to be ordinary folks while excluding believers whose agenda pose a clear and present danger. >> this country is about inclusion and diversity. this group needs to look and reassess the foundation of the nations they are living in. that's not what this country was about. >> lowes released a statement on their facebook page saying lowes received a significant amount of communication on this program. individuals have strong political and society views on the topic and decided to pull the ad. what do you think about this? we are asking you to head to our facebook fan page and sound off and we have a number of comments already, we posted this as the hot topic yesterday and we have 33 comments already so far. we want to hear what you think. feel free to sound off. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. one student remains in
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critical condition after being shot during basketball tryouts. this is a story we were telling you about last night. this is in edinburg texas , the gun was not fired on campus. the shooting could have been the result of hunters. the school is near several deer leases. someone had gotten in to a serious accident. two of the kids were bleeding. we heard on one of the radios, someone had gotten shot. >> a few hunters were requested but police are investigating. the boys are undergoing surgery. jerry sandusky isn't the only person heading to court regarding penn state scandal. six students arraigned and charged for tipping a news van over following the firing of joe paterno. 37 people total face charges from the riots.
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all the misdemeanors were send down a summons and sent out by the mail. policy is considered that some say is behind the times. minnesota largest school district is considering allowing teachers to talk about homo sexuality and scrapping the policy. parents are optimistic for the changes and say there are bullying at the school. >> i want to be excited and hopeful that things can move forward for gay students, but i'm worried. >> district officials introduced a proposal monday night allowing teachers to discuss homo sexuality. it's the controversial topics curriculum policy. that doesn't say that the controversial topics, doesn't name them seskly. a decision is expected next -- specifically, a decision is expected next month. one neighborhood is showing
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you how to celebrate. the homeowners association fined a woman $10 a day for decorating with colorful lights. the president of the hoa says when you move there you know the community's rules and regulations that include displaying only the blinking white lights for the winter holiday decorations. >> my wife and i believe everybody should have the opportunity to celebrate the holiday. >> the board maintains it's doing its part and survey of the residents found those in favorite of covered lights -- colored lights did not represent the majority so the rules are changing. you have time to take part in kinder time toy drive. abc2from now until the 22nd, donate new, unused toys, drop
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them off at wal-mart, police stations or fire stations. head to drive for more information. we have our wake up window at the bottom of the screen. i'm going to make an adjustment. starting to lean in the direction some of you may get what you've been asking for. let's start with this, it's cold. 25 degrees, clear skies. back in to the mid-30s and 40s across the deep south. while we are under the influence of high pressure, the same high pressure that's continued to bring all this on shore flow is brisk surf as well. watching the disturbance here. this for the primary purpose will be part of a storm that passes to the north west. it will throw in clouds over
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the next couple of days. the general pattern takes the energy to the north. there is indication as the front slides through, a piece of energy may catch up behind it, friday night, saturday. clouds building in and no threat of rain until we get the front thursday. it will be in the form of rain beyond that our extended forecast, you will have to stick around for the next half hour. 52 today. another frosty start. a mostly sunny sky mixed in with the clouds. partly sunny with the sun dimming out from time to time. not as cold tonight. we are starting to modify the air mass and have the adjusted extended forecast in a few minutes. here is angela with traffic. getting you ready for your tuesday morning drive. looks like things will be easy for you, traveling on the east side of 695, inner loop and outer loop travel.
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moving well across the key bridge, we check your drive on i-95, maryland 175, no troubles to report in howard county. eastbound traffic on i-70, moving freely, all the way to the west side of 695 as we get a view of the west side here at liberty road. all travel lanes open on i-97, as we look at the interchange. a 5 year old is run over and trapped under a car. how people who didn't know each other helped save the young girl. visitors expected to flock to the zoo in scotland. what is drawing the attention? coming up.
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. news around the world, police and people helping to save a 5-year-old girl. the accident happened in china. 16 people used strength to lift the car so the child could be pulled out. the child was scared but shockingly, the young girl was not hurt. columbia, rapes caused a land slide that ruptured a pipeline. it left two-thirds of the residents without drinking water an agency is trucking in water for those affected by the spill. scott land is getting media attention after the first giant panda to live in britain in two decades is making a debut. the arrival of the pair expected to draw huge crowds. they will be kept in two separate enclosures until they
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will be ready to be introduced to each other. officials are keeping their fingers crossed for a fruitful romance between the two. following breaking news this morning, police raid the occupy baltimore catch forcing them out. a full report coming up. former penn state coach jerry sandusky expected to face accusers as he heads to court today. i'm sherrie johnson, more coming up. a firing of joe paterno, dozensive students facing charges. -- dozens of students facing charges. i'm charley crowson. good morning maryland. it's tuesday december 13th. let's get to meteorologist, justin berks with a check of the forecast. >> you said it, the 13th of december. normally down to 29 degrees. yesterday, we actually on
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target with the high and normal high of 46, widespread at this time of the year. 1962, we found a low of 7, find real heat this time of the year? back to 1889 yesterday, heat back then, 69 is what they called it in the record books. we will start the day like yesterday as we check out our satellite radar composite. we have clouds trying to encrotch prom the west, system off the coast. that could be fog in the lower eastern shore. 25 baltimore. 32 in ocean city. most of you waking up with the 20s to 30s. more of the frost is a standard issue in december. with the sun will be yesterday's high temperature by lunchtime, two degree guaranteed high of 52. snow possible in the forecast. we will talk about it next. on the roads this in


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